Project Management


UX Designer

June 2018 – Feb 2020  |  Taipei, Taiwan

Garmin AOEM team is responsible for providing design solutions for in-vehicle infotainment systems to their customers.


  • Designed intuitive and streamlined UI flows that cover different use cases for different functions on the vehicle infotainment system (Such as sound/screen hierarchy between different devices/application interaction, error handling, etc.).

  • Developed user journey map and delivered UI concept for road condition alerts based on the latest vehicle technologies for future AOEM products.

  • Worked in collaboration with external customers and internal engineers/PM to deliver optimal designs that meet different stakeholders' needs.

  • Customized wireframe design for the customer’s message center website.

  • Executed competitive analysis for other infotainment systems for Garmin design projects.

  • Participated in user observation for the next-generation infotainment system platform.

  • Conducted internal workshops for UX design methods and related physiological theory, and supported user research workshop of other projects.

  • Facilitated tutorial video shooting for the infotainment system.




Firmware Engineer

Jan 2014 – Nov 2017  |  Taipei, Taiwan

ASUS Zenfone team developed several mobile features of the ZenFone series and wearable device ZenWatch series.


  • Improved user experience for booting.

  • Designed and implemented a button policy for booting up and resetting devices.

  • Enhanced charging efficiency.

  • Tuned vibrators during booting.

  • Optimized camera shooting and video recording fluency, enhanced preview in low light mode.

User Experience


Hi, I’m Nate Lin. I used to be a UX designer in Garmin working for the multi-media system in vehicles.
We designed intuitive and streamlined UI flows that cover different use cases for functions of the multimedia system, and worked in collaboration with external customers and internal engineers/PM to deliver an optimal design that meets different stakeholders' needs.

Before joining Garmin I was a firmware engineer in ASUS Zenfone team, who has completed several projects including ZenFone series, the wearable device ZenWatch, and the series of digital image processing techniques- ASUS PixelMaster Camera.

My cross-fields experiences in UX design and engineering allow me to communicate and collaborate with RD more smoothly, hence deliver a design that is feasible for different stakeholders. 

  • Respect unique qualities of each person

  • Easy to get along with people and embracing different cultures

  • Seek to have an impact on people, groups, and society as a whole

  • Wanna to be recognized, heard, and valued

  • Hunt for the perfect way to explain/describe ideas to team members

  • Wanna bring ideas and events vividly to captivate the audience

  • Like to crave information,to know more

  • Like to collect things from daily life, have a natural curiosity

  • Willing to accept new idea and concepts

  • Consider issues from multiple perspectives