This tool for goal statement help us to define our project goal more concretely, systematically and effectively. It not only be applied in the early stage of the project but continuously pivoting as project goes.
The structure is as followed:
    - To … [the statement of overall intent]
    - By … [the statement of process]
    - Using [the statement of form]
And could be also extended to the following statement for more project metric:
    - While also [the statement of other important goals]
    - As measured by [the statement of metric]
    - To equal/exceed/be less than [the statement of value]


The following is our final project goal after studies, analysis and coworking with our customer were conducted:
To create a financial exposure calculator by calculating test and liability costs and providing insights that can be used to rightsize Omnicell’s test process using research and the toolbox from our Design Methods courses while keeping identified trends and insights as general as possible as measured by the number of products that can apply these insights to be greater than 80% of Omnicell’s hardware products.