Mapping the Transfer Function

Based on the Risk Decomposition of the Vibration Test, we build the transfer function as following:


We simplified the testing scenario that after they fail in the first test and redesign the product, they’ll pass the second test.- The probabilities used to determine if the product passed (95%) or failed (5%) the initial test.- The reliability increases and the liability decreases to approximately 1% of the potential liability cost, compared to 10% for no testing.

For the Test Fail Case:

The redesign cost is added, as well as 10% of the total test cost. Monte Carlo simulations are performed on the test cost, liability cost, and redesign cost. 

For the Test Pass Case:

No redesign costs or test cost added.


From the above assumption the transfer function was developed as follows

Mapping the Transfer Function to the user input

Customers need to estimate and input the Testing Cost, Redesign Cost, and Liability Cost.

Mapping the Transfer Function to the graphical output

Liability Costs related terms are all shown in red column,
Test cost and Redesign cost related terms are added up an shown in blue column.